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Anticipating your Dolby Atmos mix during recording: How it’s done

Mixing music in Dolby Atmos is typically about creating an immersive mix based on the multitrack or stems while preserving the essence of the original stereo master, or creating a whole new listening experience.

But what if you could anticipate on your Dolby Atmos mix already during the recording process? Are there any rules or laws?

Not really, except for the intention to create a sound that corresponds to the artist’s perspective. This sounds a bit wishy washy but in reality it is that simple.

So, to anticipate this in the recording process is a giant step forward in the world of mixing music in Dolby Atmos.

All we need is artists, producers and labels willing to embrace and invest in this new world, this new way of immersive, 3D recording and mixing.
When done properly, the results will be stunning.

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