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7 Benefits of Dolby Atmos for artists

What are the fans of your band missing when releasing your music in Stereo only? 

  • The Immersive Experience:
    Listening to music in Dolby Atmos offers a three-dimensional audio experience, drawing listeners into the song.

  • Musical Placement:
    Sounds and musical elements can be creatively positioned in the soundfield or moeved around in any way you wish. Every musical element has its own space.

  • Creative Freedom:
    Artists can push creative boundaries thanks to a much wider canvas.

  • Sound Quality:
    Dolby Atmos supports high-resolution audio, capturing high defenition details in recordings.

  • Downward Compatibility:
    Mixing music in Dolby Atmos ensures compatibility with 7.1, 5.1 and stereo.

  • Broader Audience:
    With increasing Dolby Atmos support, music will appeal to a wider audience.

  • Streamlined Collaboration:
    Thanks to the standardized formats in Dolby Atmos, collaboration among creators is seamless.

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