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Why mixing music in Atmos?


  • First of all, it sounds amazing!

    Mixing music in Atmos goes beyond the traditional surround sound by incorporating height channels, providing a much wider canvas for the creativity of the artist, the producer and the mixer, and ultimately for the listener to enjoy!

  • On the commercial side: artists and labels use the fact that their music is mixed in Dolby Atmos as a unique selling point.

    Several music providers such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and others support Dolby Atmos.

    In fact, Apple Music supports music in Atmos strongly in their marketing, their dedicated playlists, their collaborations with artists, and more.

    For artists this means more exposure through spatial audio playlists and more revenue through streaming!

  • The increasing popularity of home cinema systems (e.g. Atmos sound bars) and headphones that support Dolby Atmos is resulting in a growing demand for music mixed in Atmos.

    And that is why all the major artists worldwide are releasing their new work in Atmos, and a lot of them are re-releasing their less current work in Atmos too.
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